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Temping is increasingly becoming popular for workers today with some using this as a great way to access existing opportunities or a stepping stone to career progression. Sauce Recruitment works with a multitude of clients with in the Media and entertainment industries within the London region, supplying short, long term and ongoing contracts to suit your needs.

Before you start

Once you have registered with us for temporary work it is very important to keep your Consultant up to date with regards to your availability.

Temporary assignments will vary in terms of duration so it is important that your consultant knows your requirements. Before your first assignment with us, you must give us your P45. If you haven’t received it yet from your previous employer, please ensure that you have completed a P46.

Please be sure to check your relevant visa requirements for working in the UK prior to registering with us as you may be asked to confirm details at any stage during your assignments.

Your contract and assignment letter

Now for the heavy legal stuff: your contract is a written agreement, so it must be signed before you start any role. The good news is that once the contract is signed, you’re officially an employee of Office Angels; and personally, we couldn’t think of anything better. Your employment contract is really useful because it includes important information on:

  • How much annual leave you’re entitled to
  • Code of conduct
  • Rules around continuation or termination of your assignment

You’ll also receive a letter once the assignment has been agreed, confirming:

  • The reason for the assignment
  • Where you’ll be working
  • What the job involves
  • What hours you’ll be working
  • Pay rate
  • Job title
  • Start date


We’re pretty confident that you’ll want to be paid for the hours you work, so it’s really important that you record them. For every week of your assignment, you’ll be required to complete a timesheet recording your daily hours, and send it back to us at the end of the week. Please follow the following simple steps regards your timesheets.

Follow our tips on completing your timesheet
  • Round up your daily hours to the nearest quarter (it makes it that much easier for us non-Maths boffins). A quarter of an hour is written as 0.25; so if you’ve worked 7 hours 15 minutes, write 7.25, or 7.75 for 7 hours 45 minutes. When adding up your daily hours, make sure you write them on the right days, and deduct any unpaid breaks from your total.
  • Enter your name, week ending date and client name on the top of your timesheet
  • After you’ve completed your timesheet, ask a manager in your department to sign and date it too
  • Timesheets are processed on a Tuesday for the previous week, and you’ll be paid the following Friday. But it’s up to you to get your timesheets completed, submitted, and signed by yourself and the employer in time for payroll – if you don’t, you might have to put that spending spree on ice.
  • All timesheets must be submitted by 10.00am Tuesday for payment on Friday. To submit your time sheet please either fax to 0844 249 2947 or email timesheets@saucerecruitment.com

Getting paid

Your wages will be paid a week in arrears every Friday and you should have completed a personnel form with your bank details in order for Sauce to pay you directly into your account.
Your total pay is based on the number of hours you’ve worked to the nearest quarter of an hour.

Deductions will be made for tax and National Insurance, but the rest is all yours – unless you’ve agreed any other deductions.

Whilst on your assignment

Please refrain from using your mobile phones, making personal calls or text messaging during an assignment, unless you have requested permission from your Line Manger. Your mobile phone should be switched of or on silent whilst working.
Please do not misuse email or Internet facilities for personal use.

On Occasion permission may be given for personal use of email/Internet whilst at work, however ensure this is authorised by your line manager and keep your use to an absolute minimum.
If you are running late for work in the morning please call your line manger to inform them that you are running late.

If for any reason you cannot make it into work on any day please firstly inform your line manager at the client and then inform your consultant at Sauce Recruitment. Please do this in form of a telephone call and not a text message.

Refer a friend

Refer a friend or colleague and if they are successfully placed by us we will send you a £100 Amazon voucher.
*Terms and conditions apply