Here is why the now-famous egg was created

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know of the egg that broke Kylie Jenner’s record of the most-liked pic on Instagram. The picture of the egg, which collected over 52 million ‘likes’ and went viral on the Internet, puzzled many. Now, its true purpose has been revealed – to spread awareness on mental health.

The @world_record_egg account, that posted the viral pic, teamed up with American TV show streaming service Hulu for a 30-second commercial which encourages those struggling with mental health to “talk to someone” about it.

“I’m the world_record_egg (you may have heard of me),” the text above the egg reads in the video as cracks appear. “Recently I’ve started to crack. The pressure of social media is getting to me.”

“If you’re struggling too, talk to someone,” the video continues. “We got this.”

The commercial ends with a link to the Talking Egg website which lists useful mental health links by country.

Watch the video below:

Aside from 10 million views, the video has also collected thousands of appreciative comments. “I needed this,” wrote one person in the comments section. “You turned your fame into real success!” said another.

29-year-old London-resident Chris Godfrey was revealed to be the account’s creator Sunday night. In an interview to New York Times, he explained why he chose an egg to talk about mental health: “An egg has no gender, race or religion. An egg is an egg, it’s universal.”

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